Comprehensive Risk Adjustment, Coding, and Compliance Services

About Mary Hewitt, Founder and CEO:

Mary Hewitt, RN, has been in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years. She’s been accountable for several end-to-end Risk Adjustment programs where she has developed teams, trained staff, and designed the processes needed to conduct a comprehensive clinical review of health plan membership. The results of her efforts have been credited with improving the accuracy of risk scores for plans’ Medicare beneficiaries. Mary’s teams have often been identified as “leading the industry” or “best in class” by many consulting firms and provider practice groups. She has spent significant time with the provider population, understands the important elements of Risk Adjustment, and respects the time physicians devote to attending to their patients’ needs. Prior to shifting her career to the business side of healthcare, Mary specialized in the high-pressure arena of an Operating Room with trauma and transplant services.


About Our Team:

Our team consists of Registered Nurses and Certified Coders who serves as an “educated partner” for your review needs. Our nurses and coders are experienced in many aspects of the health care industry from “hands on care” to active roles within Managed Care Organizations. Our collective experience allows us to offer comprehensive risk adjustment experience supported by vast clinical expertise.